Be wary – think before you believe.

Be wary – think before you believe.

Following 3 months of disappointment, venting everything out was truly significant… also, might be the information on my terrible experience keeps you from having one yourself.

We meet people in our lives who make us realize that meeting them was the worst thing we could have done. As an IT consultant, I had a freelancer who was known as a group leader for the community and had more than five years of experience work for me. He made every effort to make me think that my experience working with him was a NIGHTMARE. Trusting him was the biggest mistake of my life, and I still have to pay for it because the damage he did to me can’t be fixed. Right now, the majority of my time and effort is spent resolving his mistake.

Consultants aren’t in the business of losing clients, but he left no stone unturned to bring us and our customer into conflict. He kept me in the dark by not explaining things, avoided a thing as important as documentation that itself leads to innumerable doubts and clashes, and blaming clients for not knowing the technical aspects, to name a few. The worst part was that he didn’t know when to say “I DON’T KNOW.” All of this, combined with his His no-nonsense distortion about his capabilities and experience didn’t permit him to say as much. In addition, he continued to make mistakes regarding this matter, which proved to be quite costly for me.

The words “guilt” and “shame” don’t mean anything to him, and he can sometimes be really selfish. The list goes on and on. Writing all of this won’t fix the damage he has done; all I want is some mental peace, and I want you to beware of so-called experienced free lancers and learn from my mistake.

While its normal to enlist specialist when you have more work. I only want to warn you about hiring freelancers to work on a project for you. Very few freelancers are alike. It makes perfect sense because freelancers don’t have to help customers for very long. All they need is to procure a few fast bucks, and afterward find new bakraa. Yet, as an expert IT organization, who truly has confidence in fulfilling clients, recruiting free lancers to work for them isn’t a thing that I would propose. These kinds of freelancers are good for small jobs, but you should never hire them for more than that.

Employing such a freelancer taught me a valuable lesson, and I want you to take my advice and exercise caution before employing one to work for you.

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