What is phishing?

What is phishing?

To this day, almost all or almost all of our Internet users use our bank, PayPal account Amazon account Never received an email similar to the Netflix service: “Blocking our account.”

In most of these emails, the user will need to use a direct link in the middle of the email to unlock this account and retrieve the information. We are almost certainly facing a phishing attack or an identity theft attack before the attack in more than one recognized way.

Let me explain this in a simple way. So anyone who takes an attack can quickly find out what we are talking about without much of a fuss – phishing is an attempt to steal information . Password Video and audio broadcasts; App Store accounts such as the App Store or Google Play. With this direct explanation, we can say that phishing phishing is not good for us.

We are speaking openly about any attempt to steal personal information, no matter what the password. Some of these attacks are the main point, and they are a purchase that does not really make us, or “X” euro, They will ask us to delete dollars or similar items that we do not make.

In all cases, the purpose of these emails is to take advantage of this sensitive data and somehow take advantage of content / entertainment accounts and sell our accounts to others; Direct clearing of our accounts, such as bank registration theft.

How to avoid phishing

Another key question is this. How can phishing be avoided? Well done! It may seem hard to escape these attacks, but it is easier than we think when it comes to attacks from our email account.

The first thing we need to do to avoid these types of attacks is to have common sense. Yes, Before cyber-attackers fall into the trap, we have to stay calm and read the message over and over again, so it is not worth the rush or the fact that it is worth the effort to click this link and it will lead us to deceive us by losing this war.

Once we have read the message we received, if there is any activity on our bank account or if there is a contracted service, let’s say they really want to use this application and they want us to be charged. They want to cut us off because they do not pay.

The way to deceive users is to become more proficient and better at presenting. In the past, these types of attacks have been exacerbated by clear spelling mistakes and direct translations from Google Translate. All of this has been improved into our language today to deceive us, and sometimes it can be difficult to avoid phishing.

The best way to avoid phishing is to contact the service or bank directly via email. But there is another easy way for these hackers to avoid deception. In this case, we have to check the sender of the e-mail that came to us if it contains the company they are talking about. It has nothing to do with the organization or service.

Remember that our email accounts do not have a specific filter for this attack, so when you find a suspicious email, use common sense and it will save us from a headache.

Examples of Phishing
Online phishing
Most of the time, we find clear identity thefts and ask us to verify our bank account information through a link. While this may seem like an understatement to most of us, thousands of users are tricked into not paying attention to the same email details or worrying about losing their accounts on a daily basis.

Apple is often one of the few companies in the transition period . The company is one of the largest apps in the world, and is a strong point in the focus of the most unimaginable attackers on the gold mine. A purchased application that is not genuine; Even a prize that you do not need to apply for, or even a prize that does not come with the associated link, can fall into the trap of most paintings.

Always check email senders
Phishing or identity theft emails
There is no better way to avoid these attacks. Always check the email address sent to us by email. of course, It may seem like a frustrating measure at first, but it is the most effective attack on phishing attacks . It’s easy to do; It does not take us long. We allow the sender of our email to impersonate our identity and store all of our information.

It’s really simple , just click to reply to the message we received when something seemed unusual to us and see to whom this message is being sent back. Once you know that the address does not match, you will notice a full phishing attack.

Some companies have accounts to report phishing
How to Find a Phishing Email
Company to report incident in case of phishing attack Contact the company or company directly and in some cases even companies have their own email accounts to make our report. In the case of the tech company Apple has two accounts. We share the process for you with it:

If you receive an email from Apple and suspect it was a failed attempt, send it to reportphishing@apple.com
Report spam or other suspicious emails you receive on your iCloud.com, me.com or mac.com inbox; abuse@icloud.com
To report a spam or other suspicious email you received via iMessage, tap Spam and notify as soon as possible.
Many companies have a specific section on their email address or official website to steal user information about their image abuse. They can be prosecuted and it is best to notify them to remove their message types . the company, Delaying just a few minutes to send a similar message to the bank is good for other users affected by these attacks.

Go to Qualified Authorities Share the phishing scam Your official police Twitter account may be one of the best contributions you can make to keep others from being trapped. Sharing the simple fact of communicating events through networks and benefiting other users many times over.

Online shopping with unsafe websites
PayPal card
We are not saying that we only use users’ emails for phishing attacks. But no matter how simple and fast it is, it is the most commonly used method. In either case , buy from unsafe websites or unknown sites. This can also be a problem. Therefore, we must be very careful on these sites to prevent information from being stolen.

It’s less often for a simpler thing, and it’s more specific, more customer-focused, or you can use the web since you paid for it. But sometimes it is easy to access user information. Therefore, we need to have two points of security for activated cards in our online purchases. Mail to us before final payment.

These types of pages can eventually become more expensive for users, and the solution is to search for information about that store and prevent us from accessing our username and password.

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