How to Make Money Using Google Web Stories Ads

What are Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are a format for visual storytelling that lets website owners create full-screen, immersive experiences for their audience.

Web Stories function similarly to Instagram Stories, TikTok, and slideshows in that you can swipe or tap through them. Multimedia elements like text, images, videos, animations, and even interactive experiences like polls or quizzes can be used to create these stories.

Google Web Stories are a great way to get people’s attention on your website because they are designed to be fun and easy to read. Google upholds Web Stories, so you could find them across Google Search and Find.

The most effective method to make Web Stories.

The Google Web Stories WordPress plugin or other third-party web story tools can be used to create web stories.

Web Story tools like provide access to advanced features for finding images, collaborating with colleagues, and designing slick animations, whereas Google’s WordPress plugin provides the fundamentals.

Which ads for Web Stories are the best?

While AdSense and AdManager are good options for web stories ads, using an AMP header bidding solution like Snigel’s AdEngine can give website owners 30 to 50 percent more in ad revenue.

This is because publishers can use header bidding to access premium ad campaigns that are not available through Google as well as Google’s ad platforms.

Snigel, for instance, connects publishers to premium ad campaigns from various ad networks, SSPs, and DSPs, including Amazon, Verizon, Xandr (owned by AT&T), and others.

The auctions for publishers’ ad impressions become more competitive when they can connect with more advertisers. Ad revenue rises as a result.

Snigel has passed rigorous tests to ensure that it provides publishers with premium technology and service as a Google MCM and Google AdX partner. AdEngine can be installed on your web stories by contacting Snigel’s adops professionals.

Direct marketing campaigns

You can utilize the implicit Web Story components (video, pictures, and text) to make custom pages for brands.

This indicates that you can direct traffic to an advertiser’s website without the use of a third party. This is a very good way to make money from your Web Stories traffic if you can get direct campaigns from advertisers.

What is Google Web Stories’ popularity?

Google reported that 100,000 new Web Stories are added daily to the search index in June 2021. Over 20 million Web Stories are available online, and 6,500 new domains have published their first Web Story since October 2020.

This information uncovers that Internet Stories is acquiring a group of people. A huge number of clients are supposedly seeing and drawing in with Web Stories every day.

Where are Web Stories accessible?

Web stories are presently accessible in the US, India, and Brazil at the highest point of Find. Web Stories will soon be available in additional countries, as will other Google products.